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Conditions of Enrollment



As a condition of enrollment at the Utica School of Commerce, each enrolled student agrees to the following:


  • Unless the student states otherwise in writing, he/she grants permission to Utica School of Commerce to release college grades, attendance and college references to employers, high schools, colleges and government offices without any notice to him/her, except that no release of the foregoing will take place if any payment due Utica School of Commerce is outstanding and payable, or the student is in default of a student loan.


  • The College exerts itself to protect the personal property of students. However, Utica School of Commerce shall not be responsible or liable for any property brought into or left at Utica School of Commerce (including contents of student lockers).


  • Lockers are provided to students at the Utica Campus. The lockers are provided with locks that must be used at all times. All contents of lockers will become the property of Utica School of Commerce three weeks after the student's last day of attendance. A ten dollar ($10.00) fee will be assessed for lost locks.


  • Upon enrollment, students give consent to allow pictures and/or videos to be taken by or for the school, and hereby give Utica School of Commerce consent to release such pictures and/or videos for reproduction, for publicity or promotional purposes, and to list in school promotional material names, high schools attended and names of employers, upon graduation from Utica School of Commerce.


  • The Utica School of Commerce Placement Office is authorized to release academic information to prospective employers.


  • The student also releases Utica School of Commerce and acknowledges that Utica School of Commerce has a right to any and all materials, data and/or files obtained, sent, stored, received, searched, attained, etc. via the Internet or otherwise and further acknowledges any such material, data and/or files so obtained or created are the property of Utica School of Commerce. Any data created or obtained at Utica School of Commerce belongs to Utica School of Commerce and not to any particular function, unit or individual. Protection of individual privacy rights and compliance with legal and fiduciary requirements mandate that the data are owned by, and may be released by, the institution.


  • The College routinely publishes or prepares news releases on President's and Dean's Lists, participation in College-sponsored activities or special items that are newsworthy in addition to information used for publicity or promotional purposes (this can include but not be limited to student names, high schools attended and names of employers upon graduation and may involve pictures and/or video as well). Upon enrollment, students give consent and release to Utica School of Commerce to divulge any such information -written, video or digital -to such reporting or promotional media. Students wishing to rescind this consent and release must complete, sign, and date a rescission form and file it with the Director of Alumni and Media Relations. The effective date of rescission is fifteen (15) business days after date of receipt by the Director of Alumni and Media Relations. Rescission may be revised at any time.


  • The student agrees to comply with the conditions and terms set forth in the current catalogue and guarantee payment of the account contracted.

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