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Supportive staff makes sure you succeed

Meet USC's admission staff Brian, Emily and Carly.

Contact our supportive and encouraging team today. They'll guide you through each of the steps you need to take to building your future of success.

They'll find the courses that fit your career goals as well as personal goals. They're backed by the knowledge and understanding of your life circumstances to fit you with the degree or certificate program that's right for you, your dreams and future success.

Our team ensures that your schedule comes first. They'll build a course schedule that fits your busy life. From the beginning, you'll be set up to win.

With scholarships, financial aid, payment plans, our understanding and supportive team will make sure nothing stands in your way of earning your degree. Each student receives an individualized package created specifically for their needs.

Our admissions team doesn't disappear once you begin your journey at USC. Brian, Emily and Carly are known for being a continuous force of support and encouragement through your success at USC.

Take the next step toward your new future and start thriving now. Contact Brian, Emily or Carly today.

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