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USC just right for working, single parents

Are you working full or part time? Are you a single parent and the primary breadwinner? Have you delayed college or tried college and couldn't complete because of life circumstances?


If you said yes, you may be ready to join the rapidly growing population of nontraditional students returning to college. According to the US Department of Education, nontraditional students (as characterized above) are the fastest growing population in higher learning institutions. Forty percent of students currently attending colleges are nontraditional students.

Why? Because these adults put their own dreams and futures aside to raise families or believe they can't raise a family and earn their degrees. And, for many, these barriers do make it difficult to graduate or complete the programs that will build their futures.


But at, USC, 46 percent of attendees complete their degrees, compared to the national average of 38 percent. And, that percentage will continue to increase because of USC's commitment to students seeking to build better futures.

USC students like Francis Coleman, a single mother of three boys, completed her accounting degree

this year thanks to the specialized support USC gives to nontraditional students in the form of the Power FOURward:

  1. Flexible scheduling

  2. Fast degree

  3. Individualized attention

  4. Affordable tuition

Take the next step toward your new future and start thriving now. Contact our empowering, supportive team today.

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