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Report: Colleges must meet needs of nontraditional students

This article from U.S. News & World Report article offers tips to nontraditional students when choosing the right school for them.

Nontraditional students have barriers and circumstances different from other students, the report says. And it's important that schools meet the needs of this student.

A student quoted in the article put it best:

"If your [sic] a nontraditional student it’s impressive that we’re going back. It’s impressive that we’re going for the first time,​" Ward says. "It takes guts to go into a classroom and ​you haven’t touched a certain subject in a long time."

At USC, we understand the hopes, fears and life circumstances of our nontraditional students. That's why our mission is to provide every tool possible to make sure you're successful pre- and post-graduation.

Take the next step toward your new future and start thriving now. Contact our empowering, supportive team today.

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